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Best Dressed @ The Logies

The news told me that Asher Keddie won the Gold (that’s cool, I enjoy¬†Offspring), but I’m only here for the outfits. Here are a few of the best –

Debra Mailman (image)

Kat Stewart (image)

Jessica McNamee (image)

Rebecca Judd (image)

Kate Richie (image)

Michelle Bridges (image)

Jennifer Hawkins (image)

Rebecca Gibney (image)

Samara Weaving (image)

Brooke Satchwell (image)

Kassandra Clementi (image)

Natalie Barr (image)

Saskia Hampele (image)

Kris Smith (image)

Hamish Blake & Andy Lee (image)

Firass Dirani (image)

Michael Caton (image)