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Art, Not Apart


A few weekends ago I went to the Art, Not Apart festival in New Acton. It was a really great show of Canberra’s art scene, was not at all exclusive (read wanky), and presented an impressive selection of street art, craft, poets, performers and musicians, in a welcoming creative atmosphere. I was excited by the public Pastey wall, where people were invited to create their own street art and paste it onto a giant slab of concrete wall, just like a regular Bansky (see my contribution bottom left, proud much?).

Presented in collaboration with You Are Here, a festival which ran from 14-24 March to showcase the best of the capitals independent arts and culture, Art, Not Apart featured Canberra’s own street art celeb Abyss (pictured bottom right corner), a suitcase rummage, hands-on art projects, roving performers, a short-film festival and much more, and has proved to be a huge success, with attendance tripling since it begin six months ago. The event coordinator and cultural manager, David Caffrey, told The Canberra Times  “I guess the festival is using art to present the richness of life. We wanted to present Canberrans well. Art Not Apart means connection and this is shown through well-presented, quality art.”

And while we’re on the topic of Canberra and art, local artist Barbara van der Linden has created a series of portraits as part of the 2013 Centenary Celebrations. Each portraits’ subject is a local Canberran, chosen in collaboration with nominations from the local community. Faces of Canberra will be unveiling each portrait individually, to celebrate the subject and their life in the city, and will be exhibited from 9 May, 2013 at the M16 Artspace, Griffith, Canberra and later at Tuggeranong Arts Centre, Here are my picks so far –

Iain Stokes

Stasia Dabrowski

Sandra Moffat