At Home With Julia


Looking fierce (images clockwise from top: 1/2/3/4/5/6)

An issue that I think has been shockingly ignored in the lead up to the 2013 federal election, is how banging Julia is looking right now. It’s a far cry from this cream wool skivvy with hounds tooth skirt-suit number circa 1990 (which I actually love). 

Julia has often copped ridicule for her outfit choices, especially after she wore what fashion experts (?) described as a cheap motel bedspread turn technicolour coat on day two as PM.

Since then, I think she has been going from strength to strength on the fashion front, wearing a variety of fabulous jackets and clearly outshining her entourage during the leadership spill on what most would agree would have been a trying day in the halls of parliament.

Ms. Gillard isn’t the first Prime Minister to take advantage of a strong public image. According to Parliament House ex-resident hairdresser, Elizabeth Scott, “John Howard wouldn’t allow me to trim his eyebrows — he was quite conservative.” And rightly so. Otherwise the world would have been denied these historic/badboy images.

John Howard & Bob Hawke (photo: Bryan Charlton)

John Howard (photo: Bryan Charlton)

Other Australian Prime Ministers of sartorial note:

Bob Hawke (photo: Peter Mars)

Gough Whitlam


Paper Round

The only available newspaper at the coffee shop this morning was The Daily Telegraph, and these are the stories that caught my eye.

ImageNot to be deterred by the fall-out after publishing front page images likening Stephen Conroy to Stalin and other despots over media reform, The Daily Telegraph has included a satire piece titled, “Is Wayne waging class war? You Decide.”

Under an image of the hammer & sickle, their new star reporter Information Officer 1, has taken comments from the Treasurer and excerpts from Marx and Engels’ 1848 Communist Manifesto and asked the reader to decide whether it’s fair to accuse the Federal Government of stirring up divisions in society with class war rhetoric.

Read the full article here and let me know what you decide.

photo(7)The latest Australian magazine to be given the axe by publishing company Bauer Media is Madison, who have announced they will be ceasing publication after their June 2013 issue.

Earlier in the year, Bauer Media CEO Matt Stanton confirmed they were scrapping their weekly Australian edition of Grazia. While only launching five years ago, it has never been as successful as its overseas counterparts.

A sad day all round for Australian fashion media. However, rest assured there will be a swarm of bloggers converging on Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week ready to take photos of Anna dello Russo and each other when it starts next week. This short doco did the rounds on the internet a few weeks ago, but I think it’s worth posting again for those of you who haven’t seen it.

photo(10)Tristan Barker has admitted to assaulting reporter David Eccleston.

Today Tonight labelled him “the world’s nastiest man” in an exposé on his involvement in cyber-bulling.

However, Today Tonight was left red-faced when it emerged a ‘victim’ they interviewed during the story was, in fact, a member of Barker’s online trolling community, Facebeef. The bogus victim, Jasmine Vanmidde, and Nebz (another member of Facebeef) later posted a Youtube video revealing their ruse. Watch it here –

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week sees designers abandon Logies

Kat Stewart looking sassy in J’Aton at the 2012 Logies (image: Nicole Cleary source: Herald Sun)

Thanks to the new Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week schedule, Australian TV stars have been abandoned by their usual Logies designers as they prepare for their various shows. Particularly shocking is the news that red carpet favourite Alex Perry has not designed a single dress, with his spokesman Josh Flinn explaining Perry had to turn down several celebrities due to incredibly bad timing.

Usually held in May, the fashion week shows will instead begin on April 8, and will kick-off with Camilla & Marc, Sydney design siblings who are celebrating their 10 year anniversary. Other favourites include We Are Handsome, Bec & Bridge, Talulah and Vanishing Elephant, who will show throughout the week.

The lack of available designers willing to make custom gowns may be a blessing for new talent, as stylist Natalie Crighton commented, “it makes us go out and find other designers and make new relationships.” Crighton will be dressing Carrie Bickmore, who is nominated for a gold Logie, in Steven Khalil, while Rebecca Judd will wear J’Aton and Asher Keddie will be in Dion Lee.

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Ellen/Disney announces Finding Nemo sequel

I love you Ellen/Dory
In breaking news, it has been announced that a sequel to the wildly successful 2003 (seriously, it came out 10 years ago), animated film Finding Nemo will be released in November 2015. Ellen revealed the news on her show, and said that she‘s not mad it took this long to confirm. “I know the people at Pixar were busy creating Toy Story 16, but the time they took was worth it.”

Ellen will be reprising her role as Dory, the lovable yet forgetful blue tang fish, however Alexander Gould, who played Nemo, has commented that he is devastated that he will not be returning as his voice is now too deep. Duh.

The sequel will be called Finding Dory, and will clearly be about Dory getting lost somewhere in the ocean. See what Ellen had to say on her show –

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H&M is coming…

If ya’ll haven’t heard yet, H&M is (finally) coming to Australia. The Swedish high-street giant will be launching a number of new stores around the globe, with an Australian flagship planned for 2014. Melbourne looks like the likely destination, but they haven’t ruled out Sydney yet.

The company has been reporting some serious growth, with over 300 new store openings in the last year, and Chile, Serbia, China, Estonia, the U.S. and Indonesia all set for H&M flagships in 2013.

Considering they are known for collaborating with some serious designers, think Gucci, Comme des Garçons, Stella McCartney, Maison Martin Margiela and Marni, it’s no surprise that the face of their 2013 Summer campaign will be none other than Beyoncé. Mrs. Knowles-Carter (as she’s now officially known) said she’s “always liked H&M’s focus on fun and affordable fashion,” while H&M Creative Director Donald Schneider, commented that “it was amazing to watch her on the shoot make it all look effortless – a quality that makes her such an icon for women around the world.”

Schmidt Has Hit The Fan.

Other than the fact that he is a hilarious giant babe, Schmidt, played by Max Greenfield on New Girl, is a ridiculous, ex-obese, loveable loser who has some of the best quotable one-liners ever invented on television. He’s impressed enough to be nominated for a Golden Globe, a Primetime Emmy and a Teen Choice Award for his role as Schmidt, and has been featured as The Look on MR PORTER, which clearly means he’s really made it.

Sandy! (image: glamour)

He also played the young Sandy Cohen on The O.C., which definitively makes him the coolest man alive.

If you haven’t watched New Girl, firstly, what is wrong with you? And secondly, check out Schmidt’s online dating profile to experience his comedic genius.


Before I start, I’d just like to say that I am a huge Sherlock Holmes fan, so the idea of the stories being Americanized was initially abhorrent to me. However, I am going to admit that I am now also obsessed with this new take on the classic detective series, and have watched the premier season of Elementary at least three times.

Today, though, I am here to praise the sartorial magnificence that is Joan Watson. Played by Lucy Liu, Joan is obviously the female equivalent of Sherlock’s original companion, Dr. John Watson. Plainly put, if John was the archetypal late Victorian gentleman, Joan is the quintessential modern New York cool-girl.

The show’s costume designer, Rebecca Hofherr, said that she knew it would be a challenge turning this classic character into a woman, but that is why she took the job, and I couldn’t be any more impressed with the results. Watson’s wardrobe is like the beautiful love child of Alexander Wang and Isabel Marant, but totally easy and affordable. “Watson wears clothes from a lot of stores that we all shop in, like Zara, J. Crew and H&M. Sometimes we’ll use a couple of pieces from department stores like Barneys and Bloomingdale’s,” says Hofherr.

There is even an army of bloggers constantly hunting down the outfits Watson wears in each episode. Check out Joan Watson’s Fashion Show if you’re after anything she’s worn, and watch the series on Channel 10, Mondays at 8:30pm AEST. In the meantime, chuck these on your wishlist –