The Great & Powerful Gatsby

In an explosion of pop-cultural awesomeness, the new trailer for the hotly anticipated film The Great Gatsby is here, and it features music from none other than Beyoncé x André 3000, Lana Del Ray and Florence and The Machine. And  this is after I found out that Jay-Z, and ‘our Baz’, have teamed up to produce the soundtrack.

Apparently the two were introduced by Leo DiCaprio, who’s playing the great Gatsby, and who also starred in Baz’s 1996 masterpiece, Romeo + Juliet. It looks as if the same traditional-meets-contemporary spin will be used on the Gatsby soundtrack, with Baz saying “Fitzgerald was a pioneer, famed and controversial for using the then-new and explosive sound called jazz in his novels and short stories – not just as decoration, but to actively tell story using the immediacy of pop culture. He coined the phrase ‘the Jazz Age,'”

All I can imagine right now is Jay, Leo and Baz hanging out talking about making sweet music. “As soon as I spoke with Baz and Leonardo, I knew this was the right project…It’s ripe for experimentation and ready to be interpreted with a modern twist. This film’s vision and direction has all the makings of an epic experience.” Hot.


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