Paper Round

The only available newspaper at the coffee shop this morning was The Daily Telegraph, and these are the stories that caught my eye.

ImageNot to be deterred by the fall-out after publishing front page images likening Stephen Conroy to Stalin and other despots over media reform, The Daily Telegraph has included a satire piece titled, “Is Wayne waging class war? You Decide.”

Under an image of the hammer & sickle, their new star reporter Information Officer 1, has taken comments from the Treasurer and excerpts from Marx and Engels’ 1848 Communist Manifesto and asked the reader to decide whether it’s fair to accuse the Federal Government of stirring up divisions in society with class war rhetoric.

Read the full article here and let me know what you decide.

photo(7)The latest Australian magazine to be given the axe by publishing company Bauer Media is Madison, who have announced they will be ceasing publication after their June 2013 issue.

Earlier in the year, Bauer Media CEO Matt Stanton confirmed they were scrapping their weekly Australian edition of Grazia. While only launching five years ago, it has never been as successful as its overseas counterparts.

A sad day all round for Australian fashion media. However, rest assured there will be a swarm of bloggers converging on Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week ready to take photos of Anna dello Russo and each other when it starts next week. This short doco did the rounds on the internet a few weeks ago, but I think it’s worth posting again for those of you who haven’t seen it.

photo(10)Tristan Barker has admitted to assaulting reporter David Eccleston.

Today Tonight labelled him “the world’s nastiest man” in an exposé on his involvement in cyber-bulling.

However, Today Tonight was left red-faced when it emerged a ‘victim’ they interviewed during the story was, in fact, a member of Barker’s online trolling community, Facebeef. The bogus victim, Jasmine Vanmidde, and Nebz (another member of Facebeef) later posted a Youtube video revealing their ruse. Watch it here –


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