At Home With Julia


Looking fierce (images clockwise from top: 1/2/3/4/5/6)

An issue that I think has been shockingly ignored in the lead up to the 2013 federal election, is how banging Julia is looking right now. It’s a far cry from this cream wool skivvy with hounds tooth skirt-suit number circa 1990 (which I actually love). 

Julia has often copped ridicule for her outfit choices, especially after she wore what fashion experts (?) described as a cheap motel bedspread turn technicolour coat on day two as PM.

Since then, I think she has been going from strength to strength on the fashion front, wearing a variety of fabulous jackets and clearly outshining her entourage during the leadership spill on what most would agree would have been a trying day in the halls of parliament.

Ms. Gillard isn’t the first Prime Minister to take advantage of a strong public image. According to Parliament House ex-resident hairdresser, Elizabeth Scott, “John Howard wouldn’t allow me to trim his eyebrows — he was quite conservative.” And rightly so. Otherwise the world would have been denied these historic/badboy images.

John Howard & Bob Hawke (photo: Bryan Charlton)

John Howard (photo: Bryan Charlton)

Other Australian Prime Ministers of sartorial note:

Bob Hawke (photo: Peter Mars)

Gough Whitlam


2 responses to “At Home With Julia

  1. Is it wrong that I find Bob Hawke slightly attractive? Look at that charismatic pose!

    • I knew you of all people would like ol’ Hawkie. I, however, am partial to John Howard as you well know. Don’t judge me! Look at that neck scarf!

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