That Episode Where Hannah Swaps Tops With That Guy

Boobs and coke (photo: glamour mag)

Firstly, I have a strange relationship with Girls. I can only watch it when I’m alone in my room with the sound turned down so no one can hear it, usually late at night, and then I go to bed feeling slightly uncomfortable and incredibly uncool. But I still watch it because sometimes it’s like looking in a goddamn mirror and I’m up-to-date with all my other shows.

In season 2 episode 3, Hannah, in an attempt to “expose all of [her] vulnerabilities to the entire Internet” for a freelance assignment, scores some cocaine from her ex-junkie neighbour and proceeds to get really fucking high. It’s the one where she swaps tops with a guy in a club and ends up with a yellow mesh tank that is see-through and you can see her tits the entire time. It is equal parts hilarious and cringe-worthy. And then at the end she makes out with Laird (what seriously is that name?), her dealer/stalker/ex-junkie/creeper.

Just like at last seasons Bushwick warehouse party, where Shoshanna accidentally does crack and looses her skirt, which like Hannah’s nipples seems to be insignificant, the drug fueled scenes feel very real, and along with the weird sex bit between Marnie and tiny artist man Booth Jonathan, make for a truly entertaining episode.

But because I haven’t really warmed to either Marnie or Hannah, their ongoing feud is kind of annoying, however, their portrayal of a fight between two twenty-something girls in last seasons episode ‘Leave Me Alone’ is so spot on it’s ridiculous. See the smack-down here (skip to 4:30 for the best “bat-shit crazy” bit) – 


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